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Post by FireBall on Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:27 am

Hi all,

Guild Heroes has reached an official agreement with Guilds Twilight and Dothraki about plundering.

It is strongly not recommended to
- take anyone's mines,
- do plundering within 30 mins after the end of World Boss event,
- plunder other players in amethyst mines.

The Agreement works both ways. Let G M or any A G M know if the same player plunders You many times a day, especially after World Boss, if you got a gold mine stolen or got attacked in amethyst mines.

We consider this Agreement as an important step to keep our server healthy and friendly let players from other guilds have fun on the game.

If you are pacifist and do not like to plunder active players - here, The list of inactive players for Erandel (did not log on since very long time):

  • Giesar
  • MageLord
  • Goku520
  • NinjaTuna
  • Nadia
  • Rand
  • Cerv
  • Toru
  • Verdandi

Thanks for cooperation and enjoy the game

WBR, Fire

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